The outpatient  level of care has less monitoring and contact with a therapist. People may attend group therapy and/or individual sessions during  the week. CCARS offers day-time groups and evening groups to accommodate clients’ varied scheduling needs. Clients schedule individual sessions with a counselor each week or as needed.

The intensive outpatient  level of care provides close monitoring and support for the client who continues living at home and working at a job . These clients attend multiple groups during the week, as well as an individual session. Clients are expected  to attend group therapy for support as they process life issues and learn healthy  skills for long-term recovery.

Youth ages 15-17 are able to participate in their own age-appropriate treatment.

Clients will have weekly individual sessions with their primary counselor while in treatment. Counselors have specialized training in drug and alcohol addictions.

It is overwhelming when a loved one struggles with substance use. At CCARS we treat the whole family and give the family members the tools they need to live healthy lives. We teach them how to offer loving support and maintain appropriate boundaries in relating to loved ones who suffer from addictions.

Anger is a powerful and one of the most common emotions that people struggle with, particularly those who make a decision to stay sober. To help clients overcome anger for strong and long term recovery, We offer a  6 part series on anger management.